Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 hands-on vs Galaxy Camera 2013

Here at CES 2014 we've gotten the opportunity to have a peek at the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 as it sits directly beside the original Galaxy Camera released in 2013. This battle is one of details – while both machines work with essentially the same hardware setup in and around the lens setup, improvements have been made to the processing abilities and the aesthetic appeal of the camera in this 2014 entry. They're both essentially the same size, too.

Blink and you might miss the difference. As you see the Galaxy Cameras, both of them, sitting next to one another, you'll have difficulty deciding which one Samsung has pushed as a more refined design. Those using the devices as we have here will find that the newer model is just that tiny bit of an amount quicker that we're all about.

And the new model has NFC now, too. You'll be able to instantly connect to your smartphone if you like – if you need a smartphone besides this Android device, that is.

But is that well and good enough to make a Samsung Galaxy Camera owner re-up with the 2014 model in the Galaxy Camera 2? Until we can see some real side-by-side performance tests, we're going to go ahead and say no. For those of you looking to buy one or the other, on the other hand, there's a clear winner in the newer model – if only for the newer software right out of the box.

Have a peek at our original Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 vs Galaxy Camera 2013 article for an in-depth discussion on the exact specifications here in Android camera-land. We'll be continuing to cover this convention from the floor while you're at it – follow along!