Galaxy Buds 2 revealed as Samsung's lowest price ANC earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 were revealed today as the company's least expensive ANC wireless earbuds. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 will effectively replace the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ in the Samsung audio lineup with the same launch price and a smaller and lighter body with more features right out the gate. Much like the other devices revealed today, Galaxy Buds 2 will be available to the public at the tail end of August, 2021.

The Galaxy Buds 2 are approximately 50% smaller and 20% lighter than the Samsung Galaxy Buds+. They have what Samsung describes as a "sleeker shape" than their predecessors, made to "shield against wind and fit in your ear." With the Samsung Wearable application (and the Galaxy Buds Plugin) the user will be able to initiate a fit process with their phone to choose from the three sizes of earbud tips included with the earbuds.

Galaxy Buds 2 work with 2-way speakers and active noise cancellation that Samsung suggests will "cut external background noise by up to 98%. Samsung also noted that ANC on Galaxy Buds 2 received UL Verification for cutting external background noise by up to 98 percent at 110.36Hz.

Maximum call clarity "in all conditions" with Galaxy Buds 2 is provided by what Samsung describes as a "new machine learning-based solution." Each individual earbud works with 2 outer mics for beamforming, 1 inner mic, and a VPU (voice pickup unit) to listen to and compensate for all external noise.

Galaxy Buds 2 come in a battery case that's white on the outside (regardless of Buds color) and a color inside that corresponds with the color of the Buds. Each case can be charged with USB-C. The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 will be available in Graphite (like black), White, Olive (green), and Lavender. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 launch price is $149.99, the same as the launch price of the Galaxy Buds+.

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