Samsung Flow takes on Continuity for use across devices

Your phone, a tablet, even a TV — all screens, and all doing their own thing. What if they didn't operate in silos, though? What if your TV could relay info from your smartphone, and your tablet could pick up a task right from your computer? That's Samsung's vision of how we'll interact with our devices moving forward, and they've introduced a new platform called Flow to manage it for us. We can be productive, or lazy, but we can now do it on any device.

Announced at their Samsung Developers Conference today, Flow brings your use-cases under the same roof. The aim is to both allow for a continuity of sorts, but also get you using the right device for the right task.

You'll get incoming call notifications on all your devices, and even low battery warnings across your screens. You can even defer tasks for later if you want, and set a reminder to pick it up when you're on the proper device; you might not want to edit a spreadsheet on a phone, you know?

Similarly, reading on a tablet might appeal to you more than sitting down at your desk and scrolling through it.

Samsung is, of course, releasing a Flow SDK for Developers to implement into their apps. Flow also looks to be a Samsung-only thing, so you'll need a Galaxy-something to take advantage.

I'd be lying if it didn't sound a lot like a Continuity rip-off; but it's a good one. Apple may have broken the most ground with their cross-device utility, but Flow looks to be equally as impressive. Let's just hope Samsung can get Developers excited for it.