Samsung Files ITC Complaint Against Apple As Legal Battle Rages

The legal battle between Samsung and Apple is showing no signs of letting up. In fact, the legal feud is intensifying with new filings and stronger language with each new skirmish. Earlier this month, Apple filed a patent infringement suit in Korea against Samsung. As often happens in these cases Samsung turned around and field another complaint against Apple.

The complaint filed by Samsung was with the ITC and is complaint number 337-2824. It concerns certain product types like mobile electronics, wireless communication devices, portable music and data processing devices, and tablet computers. What Samsung is really saying is the claim is against the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Those are all the top products for Apple and the items at the core of the legal battle.

Samsung is asking for an import ban against the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. I would think Samsung is merely getting the most out of its legal team in this instance the odds of an import ban are slim. Still, the ITC has the authority to investigate the claims and with the big target that Apple represents the investigation may take place. It can take a total of 16 to 18 months to complete the investigation if started.

[via Fosspatents]