Apple Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Samsung In South Korea

The legal battle between Samsung and Apple is far from over. The two companies are fighting a patent battle in the US with Apple alleging that Samsung "blatantly" copied the design and functionality of the iPhone for some of its products. Samsung fired back with its own suit and asked the courts for early access to the iPhone 5 and the next iPad to be sure Apple wasn't infringing on its patents. That request came after Apple was granted access to some of the allegedly infringing items Samsung makes.

Samsung lost that bid for early access to Apple gadgets. Apple has taken the legal battle to Samsung's home country of South Korea. Bloomberg reports that Apple has filed a patent suit in Seoul Central District Court on June 22. The court website lists the suit, but offers no details on the claims Apple is making.

However, other sources are saying that Apple is calming that Samsung's Galaxy S smartphone infringes on the iPhone 3 design. Samsung has only stated that it will continue to defend and protect its IP. With Samsung being a huge part of the Korean business world, I wonder if it will have a harder time winning in South Korea than here at home.

[via Bloomberg]