Samsung Epic 4G Touch first press shots revealed

Hurricane Irene may have postponed the much anticipated US debut of the Samsung Galaxy S II to tomorrow, but that hasn't stopped official press images for the smartphone to start making the rounds. The first press shot to be revealed is that of the WiMAX variant called the Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

This particular Samsung Galaxy S II variant was originally rumored to be called the Samsung Within. That didn't pan out, which is a good thing since the new name is more suited to this epic phone with possibly the slimmest and most lightweight chassis at 8.49mm thin and a powerful dual-core processor. For more details on the phone, you can check out our full review of the European release of the Galaxy S II.

Also, not panning out are rumors that the US Galaxy S II would debut on Verizon first. In fact, the latest reports say that the phone won't be released on Verizon at all, but will launch on the other three major US carriers instead. This does give the Motorola Droid Bionic more chances at success now being the only dual-core LTE smartphone to launch on Verizon in the coming weeks.

[via PocketNow]