Samsung Developers Conference aims to join big guns as cross-platform yearly event

In what's fairly clear to be the spirit of such developer events as Apple's WWDC and Google I/O, Samsung has this week announced the creation of their own Developers Conference. Starting October 27th and lasting two days, ending on the 29th, this event takes place right in the heart of San Francisco, aiming to bring in both developers and industry leaders to a software-centric series of events living in the Samsung universe.

At the moment, Samsung has only suggested that registration and full details for the event will be going live later this summer. Here in the early summer of 2013, Samsung's full plans for their own attempt at joining the likes of Microsoft's BUILD – aka their own yearly developer-centered conference – stay simple.

"Engage with industry leaders. Collaborate with fellow developers. Learn about new Samsung tools and SDKs. Create what's next." – Samsung Dev Con

Over at SamsungDevCon's initial web presence, the company brings a similarly scant set of details. It is known at this early stage that this event will include more than just mobile products. It's not just going to be about Samsung smartphones and tablets. This will be, according to Samsung, a "major, Samsung-side, cross-product (multi-screen) developer event."

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