Samsung denies granting Anymode Smart Case approval amid Apple copy accusations

Samsung has denied certifying the contentious Anymode folding Smart Case for the Galaxy Tab, and has had the Apple-alike product pulled from the retailer's site. According to Samsung, Anymode was not granted "Designed for Samsung Mobile" certification, and the companies are now working "to address this oversight."

In the meantime, the case has been taken offline, and Samsung is keen to point out that none were actually sold. "As a general practice," the company's official blog states, "Samsung Electronics reviews and approves all accessories produced by partners."

Anymode's Smart Case for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 made headlines yesterday given its distinct similarity to the Apple Smart Cover offered for the iPad 2. As with the Smart Cover, the Anymode case could be folded into a triangular-section stand to prop the Galaxy Tab up in either fully-upright orientation (for video watching) or at a more shallow incline (for typing).

Of course, Apple's Smart Cover is no stranger to controversy itself. Shortly after its reveal, similarities were spotted with InCase's Magazine Jacket (and, indeed, with a style of folding tub cover popular in Japan). Neither the InCase nor the Anymode versions include the same automatic power-on feature that Apple's manages – using magnets inside the cover and the tablet – but the aesthetic similarities are obvious.