Samsung Approves Apple Smart Cover Copy-Cats

As if the escalating legal feud between Apple and Samsung over copy-catting issues on smartphones and tablets isn't enough, Samsung has brazenly certified a third-party accessories manufacturer, Anymode, to make an Apple Smart Cover rip-off called the Smart Case. Everything about the case screams a blatant copy of Apple's Smart Cover and certainly doesn't help Samsung's defense of "we're competing, not copying."

The Anymode Smart Case is designed to protect and standup Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet just like how Apple's Smart Case works with the iPad 2, except for how the cover attaches. Instead of using magnets, the Smart Case has a protective piece that attaches to the back of the Samsung tablet, which does provide some added protection. But looking at the styling and pastel colors, there's no denying it's not a blatant imitation.

Although the cover isn't actually produced by Samsung themselves, it is made by a key accessories supplier with a strong business partnership with Samsung. The product is also being featured in Samsung's A/S stores throughout South Korea. To make matters worse, Samsung's official certification branding is all over the promo shots, suggesting the Korean electronics giant has given the go ahead.

[via 9to5 Mac]