Samsung denies BlackBerry 10 interest (again)

RIM's stock may have received a surprise boost over rumors of Samsung sniffing around its technology, but that surge could swiftly sour after denials by the Korean company that acquisition or licensing is under consideration. Analyst chatter earlier in the week prompted renewed speculation that Samsung might make a play for BlackBerry 10, as a way of diluting its reliance on Android, but the company was quick to dampen down chatter.

"We haven't considered acquiring the firm and are not interested in [buying RIM]" Samsung spokesperson James Chung told Reuters, A further statement crushed hopes of a Samsung-made BlackBerry, too, with a further spokesperson telling TechRadar that "Samsung Electronics has not considered the acquisition of Research in Motion or licensing BB 10."

Meanwhile, the company also said it had not been approached with regards to the possibility of a takeover. Samsung has been frequently cited as a leading suitor for ailing RIM, but whether or not backroom negotiations are actually taking place, the public message remains one of disconnected indifference.

Whether BlackBerry 10 would be a good fit for Samsung is questionable. The company's enterprise presence – the area in which RIM's main strengths still lie – has a lower profile than its consumer sales, but Samsung has backed Windows Phone 8 for business, counting on Microsoft's heft in the Windows PC market.