RIM stock jumps thanks to reported Samsung deal

Things aren't looking too good for ol' RIM, and haven't been for a while, but the struggling BlackBerry developer got a ray of light today in the form of a stock boost. RIM's stock climbed 4.2% to $7.62, Bloomberg reports, thanks to renewed rumors that Samsung may be looking to license BlackBerry 10 from the company. Samsung may also be interested in buying out the beleaguered RIM, but so far the company's intentions aren't clear.

Such a deal was speculated yesterday in a note by Jefferies & Co analyst Peter Misek, who mentioned the possibility of Samsung licensing BlackBerry 10 or acquiring RIM as it looks to increase internal development. We've heard rumors like this before, but they never actually get off the ground. It would seem that RIM investors would welcome a deal like that, however, as RIM's stock is now on the rise after Misek's report hit.

Indeed, RIM needs something to good to happen, otherwise it may not be around much longer. Even though BlackBerry was once incredibly popular, it has continually lost market share to the likes of Android and iOS. As their popularity continues to rise, BlackBerry's falls further, and RIM is hoping that the release of BlackBerry 10 will help the company climb out of its slump.

The only problem is that BlackBerry 10 was recently delayed into 2013, which isn't good when the company needs help now. Should Samsung license BlackBerry 10 or buyout RIM completely, it will obviously do a lot to help RIM with its current financial woes, but for the moment, neither company is commenting on the speculation. Stay tuned, and be sure to check out our story timeline for more information on RIM and BlackBerry 10.