Samsung demos 55" OLED TV at World's Fair

So you want the amazing blacks that plasma can offer but in an even thinner package than what you're used to seeing with LCD TVs? Samsung has you covered, if you have the cash. The company unveiled the 55-inch OLED TV at CES this year, saying that regular human beings would be able to buy it sometime in 2012 but neglecting to mention price. The company has shown off a mass-production model at the World's Fair in Korea, although the price may send you reeling.

As was demonstrated at CES, the TV will feature a dual-core CPU that can be swapped out using an upgradable module in the future. Voice and gesture controls are also on board, although the picture quality is the real star of the show. Samsung say the TV has 20% better color reproduction that existing TVs, and the use of OLED means you'll get true blacks and a near infinite contrast ratio.

The ES9500 will also feature a "dual-view" function, allowing two separate 2D videos to be watched at the same time, with separate audio being pumped through the earphones included on the 3D glasses. An interesting concept that would put an end to prime-time viewing arguments, although we'll have to wait to see how well it really works.

Price wise, it's not looking good. The AP says the TV is set to cost around 10 million won (~$8,750), and the TV isn't set to ship until the "second half" of the year. The prices aren't expected to come down until the OLED TV tech becomes more mainstream in the next two to three years. Better start saving up in the meantime.

[via Samsung Tomorrow]