Samsung demo 6.5-inch flexible AMOLED

Chris Davies - May 27, 2009
Samsung demo 6.5-inch flexible AMOLED

Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) have been showing off their latest AMOLED prototype, a 6.5-inch panel that’s more flexible than any of their previous models.  While this particular display is still more a proof of concept than anything else, SMD expect production panels based on the technology to find their way into watches, cellphones and flexible ebook readers.

The AMOLED was demonstrated at the SID-2009 conference in San Antonio, and is almost an inch larger than the company’s previous flexible panel.  More impressively, the panel’s radius of curvature can be around five times more than existing flexible LCD displays.

Response time is also accelerated over traditional LCD technology, with SMD claiming it to be 1,000 times faster.  While they wouldn’t confirm any shipping estimates for production panels, SMD suggest the technology could be used to make epassports, dynamically-updating maps and other portable devices.


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