Samsung debuts premium vacuum tube speaker dock and home theaters

Michael Crider - Mar 27, 2012
Samsung debuts premium vacuum tube speaker dock and home theaters

Samsung has been steadily expanding its audio equipment into the upper echelons of the audiophile range, and today they’re adding to their line with three new pieces of seriously high-end gear. The DA-E750 Audio Dock, HT-E6500W Blu-ray 3D 5.1 Home Theater System and HT-E6730W Blu-ray 3D 7.1 Home Theater System all have impressively styled construction combined with vacuum tube amplifiers for rich, old-school sound production. Of course there’s some new tricks as well: the The DA-E750 can dock with an iPhone, iPod or iPad, as well as Samsung’s own Galaxy S II.

The DA-E750 Audio Dock is basically a super-high-end speaker dock, cramming a 2.1 speaker system into the size of a standard amplifier. Though just 100 watts, it includes composite input, woven glass fiber speakers, and a host of newfangled connection options. These include Bluetooth, AirPlay, Samsung’s AllShare standard, and good ol’ USB drive playback for MP3, WMA and WAV files. The DA-E750 Audio Dock will come in either a mahogany or black lacquered wood finish, and it’ll cost a whopping $799.99.

The two options in home theater sets, the 5.1-speaker HT-E6500W and 7.1-speaker HT-E6730W, both include a Samsung 3D Blu-ray player and a WiFi connection to Samsung’s SmartHub service. The E6730W is the clear winner of the two, with a pair of massive tower speakers accenting its subwoofer and satellites.  The larger set is rated for 1330 watts of sound, while the smaller set has “just” 1000 watts. The HT-E6500W will cost $799.99 while the HT-E6730W will be a full $999.99. Both will have the new Disc to Digital service integrated.

All three systems will be available at electronics retailers and through Samsung’s website later this spring.

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