LG C1 Tablet PC breaks cover

Chris Davies - Sep 22, 2006

Until now, slate-style Tablet PCs have been the cool looking ones, whereas convertible models have generally been a bit… staid. Yes, the ability to flip the screen round and down on the keyboard is cool, but it’d be nice if the general industrial design was a bit more Apple and a bit less 80s.

LG seem to have heard my silent cries and taken the current trend for high-gloss surfaces on board in their new C1 convertible. With its piano-black lid and bright white keyboard, Tablets are no longer the dull cousin of the flash consumer notebook.

The innards are no less interesting, thankfully, and although little is known about definite specs LG has confirmed an Intel Core Duo processor, NVIDIA graphics and built-in cellular connectivity (alongside, one would assume, the normal array of wifi and bluetooth).

Samsung D900

Samsung D900

Currently price and release date is unknown.

LG to Launch New Tablet PC Model – LG C1 [TabletPCReview.com]

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