Samsung custom bike wants to take your Tab 10.1 tandem

Samsung has collaborated with bicycle specialists 14 Bike Co to create a customized road bike complete with a holder for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The tablet holder itself is made from the same carbon fiber as used in F1 cars, 14 Bike Co claims, while the bike itself uses a steel frame and has a two-tone black and white paintjob.

Although Samsung says the tablet holder leaves the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in a position to be "used easily whilst on the move" we can't exactly see many people reaching down between their legs for some mid-pedaling multitouch action. Better, then, to wait until you're at the side of the road and snap the 125g case out of its frame.

While bespoke concepts like this are generally done for attention and not sales, 14 Bike Co will in fact be offering both the bicycle and the custom holder to anybody who wants to go tandem with their tab. No word on exactly how much they'll cost, though we're looking into it.