Samsung confirms "premium" smartphones coming soon

This afternoon co-CEO of Samsung Electronics Shin Jong Kyun spoke at a shareholder meeting about the future of their smartphone business. It was there that he suggested that the plan for Samsung's smartphone future included high-definition displays (of course), as well as metal casings (as they've begun to here with the newest wave) and slim designs. "Samsung Electronics aims to consolidate its leadership in the premium market," said Shin Jong Kyun, "and plans to newly change the smartphone line-up to strengthen competitiveness."

Have a peek at the Galaxy Note 4, for example (as seen above). This device looks and feels like a premium device. Not just because of the high-definition display, and not just because of how slim it is. Because of that metal frame – it makes ALL the difference.

The Galaxy Note Edge, too, brings this high-quality metal to the side of the machine. A curved display along one side of the smartphone does a lot to make this device unique, as well.

Next you're going to see the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. These devices both have rounded-edge metal frames around their bodies.

The Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge both feel like premium devices, completely tossing the old "Samsung devices aren't great because they're made of plastic" nonsense out the door.

If Samsung can keep this up, they'll more than likely be able to retain their lead spot in the Android smartphone business. Now about that tablet business – that's a place we're still not so sure about.

VIA: Bloomberg