Samsung confirms Galaxy Nexus hits Europe November 17

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Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus will go on sale across Europe on November 17, having given the Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone its European debut in London, UK today. The phone – which was officially announced earlier this month in Hong Kong – will also go on sale in the US sometime in November, as a Verizon exclusive, though the carrier is yet to confirm exactly what date.

In Europe, the Galaxy Nexus will include HSPA+ connectivity, unlike the US version. Verizon's Galaxy Nexus will get a 4G upgrade, supporting LTE for high-speed data. There'll be an impact on phone bulk, however, with the LTE model slightly thicker than the HSPA+'s 8.94mm; neither Samsung nor Google have said exactly how thick the LTE Nexus is.

For more on the Galaxy Nexus, check out our hands-on from the launch. There's also our Ice Cream Sandwich full hands-on preview to whet your appetite for Android 4.0. Amazon UK has listed the Galaxy Nexus at £549.99 ($885) SIM-free and unlocked.