Samsung comments on Apple "hindrance" at IFA 2012

In Berlin amongst the massive avalanche of product announcements from the company, Samsung's CEO spoke up about how their legal battles with Apple are affecting their bottom line. The CEO simply let it be known that "Regardless of any hindrance, we will continue to provide the best product in the industry". Though Apple was not mentioned specifically, it's quite clear that Samsung was referring to the most public "hindrance" they've encountered in the past few years.

This slight slap at Apple is likely going to be the closest we're going to get to an official comment by Samsung outside the courtroom. Samsung certainly doesn't want to focus on the fact that Apple is currently in the middle of attempting to ban a collection of Samsung devices in the USA, nor do they want the conference to be thinking about the 1.05 billion USD they're currently legally bound to pay Apple in light of the legal war they've just "completed" in the states.

Samsung on the other hand is more than ready to have IFA 2012 attendees as well as the rest of the world have a peek at their new line of products popping up this week. Have a peek at our Samsung tag link as well as our IFA 2012 portal to make the most of this strange time for the manufacturer. Also be sure to hit up our IFA Hands-on portal to see all kinds of hands-on action as it occurs!