Samsung clinch $240m iPad display contract; 4th-gen iPhone using Samsung LCDs?

You know when might have been a good time to have bought Samsung stock?  Oh, a few hours ago; that way you could've reaped the rewards of what will probably be a healthy uptick as the market reacts to news that Apple have ordered a further 3m iPad displays from the company.  According to an unnamed industry executive speaking to The Korea Times, Samsung is now Apple's second supplier for 9.7-inch LCD panels – after LG Display Co. in a deal inked last year – with the agreement worth $240m.

Meanwhile an unnamed Samsung executive has confirmed that the company will be supplying Apple with their fourth-generation iPhone displays.  "As far as I know, Apple will use the LCD panels for its next iPhone models. We are receiving related orders from Apple" the executive – who requested anonymity – is quoted as saying; interestingly, there had been speculation that Apple would switch to an AMOLED display for their next-gen iPhone, though of course Samsung product such panels as well.

The iPad deal will see Samsung adopt IPS display technology, which offers improved viewing angles at the expense of sharpness.  Overall, with both Samsung and LG providing components, Apple are believed to have ensured enough displays for 13 million iPads; each 9.7-inch panel is believed to cost $80, five times the price of an iPhone display.

[via Apple Insider]