Samsung cellphone replaces digicam, PSP and TV

Chris Davies - Dec 2, 2006

Before I start writing and you get all excited, I feel duty-bound to report that this is yet another Korea-only cellphone.  And what a cellphone it is – Bluetooth, an mp3 player and a 2-megapixel digital camera are par for the course these days, but how about DMB digital TV, 3D graphics and joypad for mobile gaming and a TV output for those times that you’re near a big screen?


 The keypad seems a bit oddly laid-out, similar to the Calculator-alike P310 in the company’s own range, but given the bells and whistles I think you’ll be far more likely to be playing games or watching TV than actually bothering to make calls.  No indication of battery life, however, which could be a killer running that fancy 3D graphics engine, nor price.

Samsung SCH-B550

Muncle [via Akihabara News]

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