Samsung blames carriers for non-iPhone uniqueness in court case

Anyone who follows smartphone news should know about the patent case between Apple and Samsung that's currently raging in court. Apple claims that Samsung copied the design of the iPhone, and it's up to Samsung to prove that it hasn't. Samsung has a lot riding on the hope that it can get the jury to sway to its side, and the way its attempting to do that today is by claiming that it doesn't have much choice when it comes to offering unique devices.

In fact, Samsung has to keep offering new and unique handsets because carries keep requesting it. Taking the stand once again this morning was Samsung chief strategy officer Justin Denison, who claimed that Samsung must be constantly changing the design of its handsets in order to stay competitive. "The carriers want to differentiate their portfolios, as well as their services," he said. "They typically ask us for some element of uniqueness in physical design for competition, and all the Galaxy devices look distinctly different."

In the end, Denison says, it's all about Samsung's ability to compete. Denison's goal on the stand has been to demonstrate to the jury that Samsung offers a wide range of handsets, claiming that the company has around 100 different devices available in the United States at all times. Will those statistics be enough to convince the jury? That's up in the air at the moment, and Samsung has its work cut out for it if the company would like to come out on top in this case.

Indeed, Apple has been hitting hard ever since the beginning of the case, with Samsung taking quite a few blows last week. The beginning of a new week gives Samsung another shot at defending itself successfully, and it'll be interesting to see where this case goes once Samsung begins calling witnesses to the stand. Keep it tuned to SlashGear, where we'll have more information on this lawsuit between Apple and Samsung throughout the course of the trial.

[via CNET]