Samsung bezel-free Galaxy B smartphone tipped incoming

Samsung is cooking up a bezel-free smartphone for release by Q3 2012, according to unnamed company execs, tentatively called the Samsung Galaxy B. The smartphone, presumably Android-powered, has a large AMOLED panel with no bezel on the sides of bottom, according to a report in the Korean-language Maeli Business Newspaper, and only a small section at the top for the earpiece and a front-facing camera.

Exactly how Samsung has achieved the bezel-free design is unspecified, though the unnamed company execs claim it has been a work-in-progress since sometime last year. Other specifications are similarly mysterious, beyond the promise of a large screen.

It's possible that this is the much-anticipated Galaxy S III, though certainly far from confirmed at this stage. That handset, initially expected to be officially revealed at Mobile World Congress next week, will in fact follow on in a separate announcement sometime in the first half of this year. Samsung is yet to hint at specifications, though it's worth noting that the company did flaunt its new Exynos processor earlier this week and suggest it could show up in a device later this year.

The "Galaxy B" is expected to debut in Q2 or Q3, which would certainly fit with the new Exynos timescale. No word on whether Samsung plans to give us a glimpse in Barcelona next week, but you know we'll have our eyes peeled.

[via Sammyhub]