Samsung app captures everything you do, right after LG

It would appear that the idea of capturing every single thing you do – aka "life logging" has permeated the likes of Samsung. They've had an app leak today that's called "Life Times", one which captures anything you want it to capture, just so long as its on the smartphone you're running the app on. LG has an app that's rather similar – one called Life Square – already running on devices like the LG G Flex.

With the Samsung Life Times app you'll be able to log information about your music, phone calls, text messages, email, location, camera, and data inside your Samsung-based S Health app. Additionally it would appear that this app will be able to record SNS logs from Facebook, FourSquare, Google+, Instagram, and Linkedin as well.

This app is rather similar – though seemingly slightly more expansive – than the LG Life Square app. There you'll be able to record all of your own activities too. Though for what purpose in the end, we can't exactly be sure – that's up to you.

The leak here comes from SamMobile and appears to be advanced enough that it'll likely appear on Samsung's next big-release handset(s). While we've heard just yesterday that Samsung is supposed to be cutting back on home-made app experiences, this app could very well have been developed weeks or months ago, well before the company had any chats with Google about the situation.