Samsung Android 4.0 ICS update nixed for "Value Pack" proposition on Galaxy S and Tab

Those of you pumped up by yesterday's news that Samsung was reconsidering their decision to not update their original Galaxy S line and their Galaxy Tab original to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich may have reason to be a bit confused by the manufacturer's most recent proposition: a "Value Pack" update that, while not entirely ICS, would bring many of the same features. This is what we're hearing out of Asia as Daum drops the beats. For those of you on the original Galaxy S team or rolling with the original Galaxy Tab: does this sound like the news you were waiting for?

While devices like the Galaxy S II and the newer Galaxy Tab models like the 10.1 and 8.9 will certainly get the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich within the first half of 2012 (or so we've been told,) we can expect less than that from the previous generation now. Samsung is now saying they're considering what they're calling a "Value Pack" which will be a software update bringing features like "improved web browsing" and "multi-tasking" as well as new widgets to bring the user experience still on Gingerbread as close as possible to Ice Cream Sandwich without actually updating to the new software. We've yet to see exactly what this means in real life.

Samsung offered a similar situation up to the masses working with Wave 525 and 533 devices earlier this month. Where what users might have wanted ideally was an update to those device's next generation software, bada 2.0, they instead offered up a Value Pack upgrade with the "same bada 2.0 user experience and service as much as possible despite the hardware limitations." You must please all, Samsung, all of them at once!

[via Sammy Hub]