Samsung and LG end display tech patent war

Samsung and LG have been bitter rivals in multiple markets within the technology world for a long time. One place where the companies have fought in the business world and in the courtroom is in the display technology market. Samsung Display and LG Display have announced that they are ending their patent war in courts.

The two companies have announced that they were ending courtroom battles over patents relating to display technologies and plan to pursue cooperation. The move serves to highlight how much pressure major companies in the display market are under to increase profitability.

Samsung Display and LG Display are the top two display panel makers in South Korea. Most of Samsung Display's production is used by its own electronics operations. LG makes screens for its own TV brand and provides screens for Apple iPhone and iPad devices.

Samsung notes that it and LG have agreed to immediately drop all lawsuits concerning liquid crystal displays and next-generation OLED patents. Before dropping the cases, Samsung alleged LG was infringing on seven of its patents while LG was seeking a ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet sales due to alleged patent infringement.