Samsung AMOLED plans will boost availability in 2011

Chris Davies - Jun 22, 2010
Samsung AMOLED plans will boost availability in 2011

Samsung’s brilliant Super AMOLED displays are on their way to becoming more broadly available for rival manufacturers to use, with the company announcing they are planning a 5.5 generation plant scheduled to open in July 2011.  The new facility will boost Samsung’s potential output to a healthy 70,000 13 x 15 cm sheets per month, which works out to roughly 30 million 3-inch mobile device displays.

In actual fact, Samsung are aiming for the far more useful 4-inch size panels such as found on the Galaxy S, though there’s also talk of the other extreme – HDTV-scale displays – measuring in at the 42-inch mark.  The company’s Super AMOLED technology boasts improved outdoor visibility together with reduced power consumption and crisper graphics than regular AMOLED, but so far such displays have been limited to Samsung’s own product lines thanks to limited manufacturing capacity.

[via OLED-Display]

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