Samsung adds SugarSync cloud to AllShare Play on Galaxy S III

Samsung and SugarSync have inked a deal which will see the sync/share app preloaded on the Galaxy S III, adding to the smartphone's AllShare Play feature with wireless file and media sync across devices. SugarSync Cloud will be bolted onto AllShare Play, giving each user 5GB of free online storage space (and the option to buy more), while existing users will instantly be able to access their current files from their new Samsung gadget.

Samsung first talked about its cloud storage plans back in April, when it confirmed it would be giving users a free 5GB of space to play with on their phones, tablets, Smart TVs and other devices. At the time, however, it was not specified that SugarSync would be the partner involved in providing that storage.

"Users can now save photos and video from their Samsung phones and tablets to the SugarSync Cloud" the storage company said today, "so they can access, view and play them at any time from other Samsung phones, tablets and Smart TVs." The system – including signing up to the free storage offer – will all be managed from within the AllShare Play app itself.

Samsung has emphasized the sharing and streaming potential of the Galaxy S III from the start. The company has paid particular attention to its AllShare suite of apps and services, such as S-Beam; you can see a demonstration of AllShare Play and the other features in our full hands-on.