Samsung 3D HDTVs to hit UK shelves in March?

Having announced back in January that they were kicking off mass production of 3D HDTV panels, Samsung have now revealed that they expect to have 3D TVs on sale in UK stores by March 2010.  Speaking at the Samsung 2010 Forum in Vienna, Samsung's president declared that "today is the day 2D content gets liberated, we are bringing a new world of full HD 3D television."

Interestingly, another Samsung exec is quoted as indicating that Samsung look to push out 3D capabilities across the whole of their HDTV range, rather than keeping it as a high-end differentiator.  "3D is not a niche product, every single high end Samsung television will have 3D" the unnamed exec supposedly said, going on to suggest that there will be 20 different 3D products launching next month.

As for 3D content, Samsung have signed deals with Dreamworks and various sports broadcasters.  What we don't know is pricing; all the Samsung team would apparently say is that the new 3D-capable sets would be "very reasonable".