Samsung 32GB 30nm memory launched: more storage, smaller size

Samsung have announced the release of the first 32GB 30-nm moviNAND memory, built from eight Samsung 30nm-class 32Gb NAND chips, a multimedia card (MMC) controller and firmware.  The size reduction means that chip density is doubled, allowing manufacturers – such as Apple with their iPod touch and iPhone - to fit twice as much storage into the same amount of space.

That means that a 64GB iPod touch is now feasible with little or no change to the physical design of the current second-gen model.  Previous moviNAND chips used 16GB 40nm-class NAND memory.

As well as the headline-grabbing 32GB chips, Samsung have also prepared 4GB, 8GB and 16GB versions.  While these may not offer as much capacity, they will allow devices such as PMPs, cellphones and MIDs to become even smaller.  No word on what pricing structure Samsung has established for its hardware partners.