Samsung $2 Galaxy S II deal upstages Aussie iPhone 4S launch

Samsung has hijacked Apple's iPhone 4S launch day hype, with a pop-up store in Sydney, Australia offering $2 Galaxy S II handsets just meters away from the official Apple Store. Queues longer than those outside Apple have built up for the limited number of super-cheap smartphones, the Muswellbrook Chronicle reports, with Samsung offering patient shoppers just 10 devices each day.

The Korean company rented the retail unit on a short-term let within the last three weeks, and apparently has "no plans" to continue using it beyond this Friday. As in the US and Europe, the iPhone 4S will not go on sale in Australia until 8am on Friday morning.

iPhone 4S vs Galaxy S II:

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As for those waiting in the respective queues, there's some friendly rivalry going on. Would-be iPhone 4S buyers are keen to dismiss the Galaxy S II, saying the Apple phone is "so much simpler, it's better, it's classier, it's sexier"; meanwhile those in the Samsung line argue that, even if they want an iPhone 4S eventually, they can sell the $2 Samsung and use the proceeds to subsidize their Apple purchase.

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[via The Next Web]