Samson Zoom Q3HD Full HD camcorder gets pro-microphones

Chris Davies - Oct 4, 2010
Samson Zoom Q3HD Full HD camcorder gets pro-microphones

Watch out Flip Video and the rest of the pocket camcorder crowd; Samson’s new Zoom Q3HD not only has twin capsule microphones for recording stereo sound, but they’re so fierce they need to be safely kept in a cage.  The Samson Zoom Q3HD shoots up to 1080p Full HD video in H.264 format and has the same condenser microphones as the company’s H4n Handy Recorder.

There’s also auto-gain control with two user-selectable settings, an integrated USB cable and a preloaded copy of HandyShare for editing footage together with adding effects like reverb and normalizing the audio levels.  Alternatively an HDMI output lets you plug the Q3HD straight into your TV.

The bundled 2GB SD card is good for up to 45 minutes of HD video, or you can swap it out for up to a 32GB SDHC for up to 7hrs recording.  The display is a 2.4-inch 320 x 240 panel.  No sign of pricing or availability.

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