Saint's Row IV unleashed: open-playground madness on tap!

It's time again for the most wild and crazy blast of do-anything gaming madness with the next chapter of the franchise: Saints Row IV. The idea that this game series would continue was doused last year as the original owner of the title THQ was kicked in the gut and closed shop – as it turns out, the developers behind the series survived, and being purchased by none other than Koch Media in the time between then and now, Volition will once again be allowing us into their collective wild and crazy mind environment. The teaser for Saint's Row IV was revealed today.

What you're working with here in the newest chapter in the Saint's Row franchise is another look at the go-anywhere and do-anything universe the public first fell in love with in the game known as Grand Theft Auto III. Open-run blast-anything and ride-everything returns here with Saint's Row IV and we couldn't be more pumped up about it. Have a peek at the first teaser trailer right this minute!

This game has been teased as taking place everywhere "from the Crack House to the White House" with no less than "ball-busting" excellence from start to finish. As you'll see here, this game is ready to allow you to ride a car through town, murder your way through enemies galore, and fly. Fly right through the sky if you want – go for it!

The release of this game is set for some time inside August of 2013. At the moment it's looking like a PC-certain release with current-generation consoles on deck. This means we'll likely see Saint's Row IV on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – no word yet on PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720 action as yet. Stay tuned for more!

[via DeepSilverHQ]