THQ corporate offices closing doors today

Eric Abent - Jan 25, 2013, 5:51pm CST
THQ corporate offices closing doors today

After a whirlwind week that saw many of THQ‘s studios and properties auctioned off to other publishers, the company is closing the doors at its corporate offices and Vigil Games today. IGN has gotten its hands on a memo that was sent out to employees today, asking them to clear out their desks. Some employees will stay on to assist with THQ’s transition to its new owners, but the ones who received this memo are serving their final day with the company.

Those employees are receiving their final paychecks today, and though a lot of benefits are also ending today, health insurance will continue until January 31. Unsurprisingly, THQ’s stock isn’t worth anything with its core business shutting down. Whether or not employees will receive severance or back vacation pay is currently up in the air, we imagine much to the annoyance of those workers. THQ says that it will be talking with creditors to provide an answer about severance and vacation pay, but at the moment, things don’t sound very good on that front.

What happens from here on out is something of a mystery. While a number of THQ’s former studios are now under new ownership, there are some franchises and studios that weren’t bid on in this week’s auction. THQ president Jason Rubin said yesterday that the left over IP would be sold off in a separate process, but for now, we don’t know what that process is or when it will be happening.

Hopefully it happens soon though, as fan-favorite series Darksiders is one of the casualties of THQ’s bankruptcy. No one made a bid for developer Vigil Games, despite the fact that Darksiders is one of THQ’s biggest franchises. Many gamers out there would hate the see the Darksiders franchise go, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that it will find a new home eventually.

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