SafePlug offers remote control of you home’s electricity

SlashGear Team - Jan 10, 2012, 8:53pm CST
SafePlug offers remote control of you home’s electricity

SafePlug offers a way to remotely access the outlets in your home. The SafePlug outlet can be mounted like a normal outlet, or just plug into an existing one. Through an included program, owners will be able to see precisely how much power is used – and from what is using it. Paired with the Nest home thermostat monitoring system, this could really help save some money.

The ability to toggle devices or appliances remotely is a great feature for people that travel often, or even live in multiple homes. The software will can also tell what is plugged into the outlet. Through an ID chip placed over the head of the plug, anything can be named/configured. This will help you differentiate between multiple appliances.

When it comes down to it, the SafePlug could really protect your household. There have been countless times when a severe thunderstorm was passing over my house and there wasn’t a way to unplug my desktop computer. Installation is extremely easy, and their general ‘Bedroom Kit’ retails for $189.95.

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