Russian Theater installs a cell phone blocker

Alright, I know we have all had to deal with that obnoxious person in the back of the theatre who not only forgot to put their phone on silent, but they actually answer it and talk for a while. Even worse, a lot of us have probably at least once been horribly embarrassed to discover the phone ringing is actually your own.

I have heard several rumors about theatres putting out cell phone blockers. Well a Russian theater decided to actually follow through, after several incidents. One in particular where an actor had to stop in the middle of his performance and address the person with the ringing cell phone. Its one thing in the movie theatre, but for it to happen in a live performance is ridiculous.

Hopefully eventually our movie theatres will finally get to have such blockers. Provided that the FCC eventually gets that stick out of their bum.

Russian Theater Blocks Cellphone Signals [via Gizmodo]