Runtastic teams with UP by Jawbone

This week Jawbone has teamed with Runtastic to provide content from one with the other. Fitness activities tracked with the Runtastic app will now sync with the app "UP by Jawbone." So 'ay dog, I heard you like fitness tracking, so we put fitness tracking data from one fitness tracking app in your other fitness tracking app. All fitness activities tracked with the Runtastic app will be available in the UP by Jawbone app, which can then share said information seamlessly.

The UP by Jawbone app collects data from UP activity trackers and works with data on how you move, sleep, and eat. The Runtastic App will now become part of the UP community, part of the UP app gallery. All part of one big happy family.

Inside the UP by Jawbone app, users will begin to see Runtastic app data. This update begins with the newest version of UP by Jawbone and version 6.3 of Runtastic.

Above you'll see how to connect these apps and what they'll look like combined. According to Runtastic, one reason you'll want to connect is More Info: "[Connecting Runtastic to UP by Jawbone] makes your activity tracking that more detailed. The additional data helps you get a better idea of how much you move a day, how many calories you have burned and what distances you have covered."

It would appear that this syncing between the apps will begin in iOS and will make its way to Android soon.