Runkeeper update for iOS brings personal Goal Coach

With Goal Coach, Runkeeper will be updated with the user's ability to be personally guided and motivated by the software. This isn't the same as being screamed at by a personal trainer, but it'll keep you pumped up with goals set by your own exercise regimen.

This Goal Coach feature added to Runkeeper this week will allow you to select from a number of new features. Included are the following "help" bits in Goal Coach: Lose Weight, Challenge Myself, Get Fit, Learn To Run, and Do a Race. Goals are set with a number of simple questions and connected with the exercise you do daily.

Goal Coach functionality works as follows – your goal for running could be to run 700 mi by the first of the month, several months down the line. Goal Coach will tell you what percentage of the way to your goal you are, how far you've run, and what your average running distance per week has been since you started the goal.

If you're more about running a race, Goal Coach records how long it's taken you to finish the same distance as many times as you want. From there, Goal Coach will give you suggestions like "try doing a few shorter runs to get more comfortable at a quicker pace."

This software will be updated and released this week for iOS, and Goal Coach will be a completely free add-on. Have a peek!