Rumored Canon 1D Mark IV DSLR Camera specs revealed

So, we don't know if these are for real or not, but some specs for the Canon 1D Mark IV DSLR Camera were revealed today at Photography Bay. These specs reveal quite a bit about the new camera and if proven true, will be pretty interesting to see in action.

Specs include a 1.3x crop sensor for 16-megapixel images, sRAW1 format for 8-megapixel images and an ISo sensitivity of 50 to 26,500. The supposed beta tester reveals that the camera has a burst shooting mode that's faster than the 1D Mark III and has a super fast autofocus as well.

Other features include a 3-inch LCD screen, video recording, and ergonomically arranged buttons and controls. We already heard about an August release date for this model, so if these specs are real and there are beta models in tester's hands, that date is looking more and more likely.