Rumor: Verizon to get VoLTE-ready Nexus 6 in March

Nate Swanner - Feb 26, 2015, 3:41pm CST
Rumor: Verizon to get VoLTE-ready Nexus 6 in March

About three weeks ago, Verizon listed the Nexus 6 as ‘coming soon’ on their website. We assumed that meant we’d see big red with the big Nexus in days, but we’re still without a Nexus 6 via Verizon. A new report suggests the Nexus 6 for Verizon is still coming, but will hit the nation’s largest carrier after MWC. Purportedly launching March 12, the latecomer might usher in a new era for Android fans, and bring Android 5.1 to the world.

With Android 5.1, the Verizon Nexus 6 is said to gain the ability to make and receive VoLTE calls. That’s due to Android 5.1’s “Enhanced 4G LTE Mode”, which will seat itself int he device’s cellular network settings.

The phone will come with Verizon branding right under the “n” in Nexus, and be oriented adjacent to the ‘nexus’ branding. I’m sure purists will hate that all the way around.

If you’re still dubious that Verizon will launch the Nexus 6, they’ve got a Nexus 6 promo video on their YouTube page, which you can find below. It doesn’t make clear just when the device will launch, but it’s a video dedicated to the Nexus 6 on Verizon’s network, so that’s saying something.

Aside from the Nexus 6 coming to another carrier, this news could signal that an Android update is just around the corner. That’s good news for everyone.

Source: Phandroid

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