Rumor: TomTom seeking iPhone GPS app developer

Well, it looks like Tom Tom just might be producing an iPhone GPS application in the near future. And though nothing is set in stone–not by a long-shot–a new job listing for an iPhone app developer does seem to have TomTom written all over it.

Okay, so TomTom isn't ever mentioned by name in the job ad, but the hiring company's headquarters are listed to be in Amsterdam, which is where TomTom is headquartered. The contract is for at least six months and is set to start this month or the next.

It seems very likely that TomTom is behind this, specifically because the company has publicly said they were interested in developing such an app for the iPhone in the past, though they couldn't do so due to a lack of directional positioning and such on the iPhone. However, with iPhone 3.0 on the horizon, turn-by-turn TomTom-iPhone goodness might just be in our future.

[via Apple Insider]