Rumor - New iMacs And iPods To Be Announced On August 7th

We've heard a lot of rumors about new iMacs and iPods in the very near future. According to rumor, they will be announced on a very significant date, August 7th.

The reason that particular date is so important is that it's the 10th anniversary of the keynote speech where Steve Jobs first announced Apple's partnership with Microsoft. There's a great clip of the speech after the jump. If you've never seen Steve Jobs get booed, you should check it out.

Of course we're looking forward to possibly seeing a brushed metal enclosure for the iMac, one that is smaller and without the notorious "chin" seen in the current generation. Of course new processors and graphics cards would likely be included as well as a redesigned keyboard. The new iPods are supposedly going to be more like the iPhone, sans the phone.

I'm not really sure that Apple will see that particular date as one to celebrate with a new product launch, but it would fall into place with the rumors that have been floating around.

Intel's New Processors bound for iMac's on (or around) August 7th? [via 9to5mac]