Rumor - Brushed Metal Santa Rosa iMacs In August

I'm thinking about finally getting another Mac. My first computer was an old Mac, and I loved it. Unfortunately, I realized a few years later that I was living in a Windows world, and was forced to switch to a PC. It's finally time for me to switch back, and I've decided that I want to get an iMac. Of course now that I'm all excited about getting one, I'm teased with the idea of an updated iMac sometime in the near future.

The latest rumor is that the iMac is long overdue for a complete overhaul, which will happen sometime in August. New features include a brushed metal case and Santa Rosa chips. We're also expecting to see the new 1.3MP webcams and a decrease in the overall size of the machines.

The previous rumor that they will drop the 17" version is still holding. This will leave the 20" as the smallest iMac that you will be able to purchase. Apple says that the price of 20-inch LCD screens has dropped so close to the price of 17-inch screens that there is no need to make that size any longer. So we should expect the larger ones to have only a slightly higher price than the the smaller ones are currently fetching.

So now I'm going to hold of on my purchase until the new ones are released because the upgrades are too good to pass up. The only question is do I just go ahead and hold off until October when they release Leopard? Probably not, I don't have that much patience.

Rumor: New Santa Rosa-Based iMacs Set for August Launch [via crunchgear]