Rumor: Head of webOS dev relations to leave HP

I never really understood why HP thought buying Palm for $1.2 billion simply to get hands on webOS was a good idea. Palm was unable to mount anything resembling a fight against Android and iOS in the smartphone OS wars making webOS an also ran at best. Still HP plunked down big cash, revamped webOS slightly and tossed it onto the market inside the TouchPad only to see the tablet fail miserably.

The only significant sales that HP mustered with webOS was when the price of the TouchPad was slashed to $99 and Android ports started to surface for the tablet. HP isn't sure what to do with webOS at this point, the company still maintains the OS will be used on printers. I see more fail in that arena for webOS. A new rumor has surfaced that casts doubts on webOS even surfacing in printers at this point.

The rumor comes from an unnamed source that tipped mobielburn claiming that Richard Kerris, the head of webOS developer relations at HP will be leaving the company. Where Kerris is going is unknown. According to the source, the departure of Kerris has been announced to HP employees and is expected to go public soon. As it is now this is firmly in rumor land so we can only wait and see if it is true.

[via Mobileburn]