TouchPad gets webOS 3.0.4 as backorder slates ship

The death of the HP TouchPad has been a slow and prolonged one. The tablet seems to be in the final death throws right now though. HP is apparently finally shipping out the last batch of the TouchPads right now. Nate over at The Digital Reader reports that he received an email from HP telling him his tablet has shipped. Some folks won't be that lucky though, HP has said it oversold the tablets it had left.

Check your email if you had a TouchPad on order and see if you will be getting yours soon. At the same time, the people that bought the TouchPad are also getting a nice new update to webOS that makes the tablet a bit more functional. The new software release is 3.0.4 and went out just a bit ago. This software update brings some interesting upgrades and features.

Support for the camera has been updated and the tablet is now able to make a connection with non-HP phones. When the device launched you had to have an HP phone to use that feature, meaning it worked for virtually no one. Messaging was also improved and the UI has been tweaked. Ari Jaaksi says that the longer term development for webOS architecture will continue and that HP is working on the webKit and V8 core engines for webOS. This is good news if you own a TouchPad or like the OS.