Rumor: Apple asks for Apple Watch-friendly iOS app early

Now that we have a better idea of when the Apple Watch will come to us via the Apple Store, some interesting news has leaked regarding apps for the Apple Watch. The last time we discussed Apple Watch's handshake with the iPhone, we found Developers were getting the ability to create notifications, but not much more. A quick run-through of Developer guidelines and tutorials echoes that, but a new rumor suggests Apple is asking at least one of its "biggest" launch partners to submit an Apple Watch friendly app early.

According to MacRumors, Apple is asking "one of its biggest Apple Pay partners to prepare an iOS application with WatchKit support that's ready to launch in the App Store by February 12." It's not exactly clear who that might be, but some assumptions could be made on the back of it being a large Apple Pay partner.

It's possible Apple may want to see what a trusted source produces for the Apple Watch and Apple Pay sans guidance, or that they want an app to use for training purposes. A separate rumor suggested there would be training for delegates from Apple Stores around the nation who would then return home to train the rest of the staff.

For now, it's grist for the rumor mill. If true, it shows Apple is preparing a big launch for the Apple Watch, and are looking to get Apple Pay up and running as soon as you strap it onto your wrist.

Source: MacRumors