Rubik's 360 puzzle hits shelves July 15th

If the Rubik's 360 puzzle caught your eye and you've been waiting, hands all twitchy, for it to hit shelves, pleasure is nigh.  The UK release for the 360 has been confirmed as July 15th, when the 10cm puzzle-ball hits famed toy retailer Hamleys.

Set to be as fiendishly frustrating as the Rubik's Cube, the 360 consists of three nested transparent spheres, with six balls rolling around at their center.  Twisting and rotating the 360 aligns and shifts holes between the spheres, and the aim is to navigate each of the colored balls to their respective nodule-nooks studding the outside layer.

No word on official pricing as yet, nor US or other international release dates, but the assumption is that it'll cost roughly £15 ($24) in the UK.  The likelihood is that it'll see broader availability at around the same time.

[via Pocket-lint]