Rubber OLED display developed for stretchable screens

Researchers have developed a stretchable OLED display that can be bent and deformed without breaking.  The rubber-like OLEDs are currently monochrome and each have just 256 pixel resolution; however the University of Tokyo team responsible for their development are now working on adding color and increasing resolution. 

The displays are primarily made from a fluoro-rubber compound, which provides a backplate onto which carbon nanotubes are sprayed.  This makes the material both stretchable and conductive.

Potential uses for the new rubber-OLED technology are spherical or moving displays, such as body-shaped medical systems that light up to train students or indicate health problems.  The current prototype is roughly 10cm square (the English translation seems mistaken in quoting it at 100 square centimeters) and can be folded one thousand times with no quality degradation.