Route O’Clock concept router [Video]

Chris Davies - Jul 14, 2009
Route O’Clock concept router [Video]

Routers are seldom the most interesting thing to look at in the tech world, but all that could change if the FutureRouters Route O’Clock concept ever reaches production.  Intended to easily convey periods of free-flowing or lumpen bandwidth, it uses historical information to suggest when might be good times for online gaming or downloads.

Video demo after the cut

The face of the Route O’Clock is split up into 24 hours-worth of 30 minute segments.  Each is backlit with colored LEDs, with red indicating that internet users may find their broadband connection congested, and green suggesting that all is clear for bandwidth-hungry applications.

Part of a series of four concepts, the Route O’Clock is the handiwork of Goldsmiths, University of London and was sponsored by broadband provider TalkTalk.  Other concepts include the Hybrid Router, which is basically a router integrated into an end-table, the Energy Saver, which doubles as a key-rack and shuts off its power after all the keys are removed, and the Jelly Fish, which – as a huge glowing monstrosity with ethernet cables for arms – seems to be the “oh wait, we need a fourth design” last-minute creation.

[via Coolest Gadgets]

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