Rotating Speakers Case for your iPod

For those that still have one of those ancient 5th Gen iPods, you can cover up your slightly outdated technology with a cool case that features a set of speakers right on it. Having the newest and greatest technology is always fun, however, sometimes you get stuck with the older equipment.

The least you can do is make the best of a mediocre situation and look almost cool by blaring your tunes out loud. The speakers rotate to hide away, they don't actually have a photo of the speakers "hidden" so I'm not really sure how that works. However, it seems like a cool concept.

The case works for the classic iPod 80/160 GB as well as the 5th Gen 30/60/80 GB. The case comes in both black and white, which is great for those that like to stick with that white theme. It is priced at $60.72.

[via popgadget]